the worst person you could ever meet. a super sweet and good looking guy when you first meet him, but then once you get to your senses you realize how much of an ugly fat asshole he is. he also probably has a skinny dick.
rose: darren is such a dick
heather: i know and he has a skinny dick
by calvin klein on my dick June 02, 2020
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People named Darren are antisocial, pathetic, and sad. However, all Darren's are horny bastards who want to have intercourse, but never get it. Sadly, Darren's are confined to sketchy porn sites that give viruses, due to their unsuccessful nature in the bedroom. Nevertheless, Darren's may get some sexual activity, in the form of ugly girls. This is because these 'ugly girls' are desperate, and have lots of std's.
Hot Girl: Oh my god, is that a Darren over there. He's sooooo gross

Ugly Girl: What... He is not ugly... I would f*** him soooo hard

Hot Girl: You are soooo gross...
by XXX Horny Bastard XXX June 03, 2017
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someone who simps for electronics, shoes and instagram girls

a wholesome simp that doesn't take things too far and helps anyone

basically simps for everything
omg look that him helping jessica choose shoes, he's such a darren
by bobthebeast October 30, 2020
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The best man to be with. Someone who you will live for
Your my Darren, and you gave me hope
by Rubywarlock February 15, 2020
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A completely ignorant person who is way to self centered and seems to like arbys. He usually seems to look like he has autism and likes women with methed up teeth n faces that are oddly shaped like a Pitt bull. He is very attention seeking even scratches his arm and takes pictures to send to his exes in Hope of them feeling bad Darren is not a fun guy and his sex is so wack that you'd have more pleasue by putting in a tampon and he is very short in most areas and his butthole is big enough for a basketball
Oh look that idiot is such a Darren!
by Bootyhole motorboater March 18, 2020
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