darren is one of the best people you will ever meet. he is the sweetest, most kind, funniest caring guy to be with. he will do anything out of his way just to make you smile. darren has lots of compassion, generosity and is very thoughtful. darren's appearance has many good features all around. he is very sexy, handsome, cute, pretty and overall very beautiful. no doubt your eyes will be blessed. (angel music plays) you will not be able to keep your eyes off of darren after seeing him for the first time; being obsessed. he will takeover your whole mind and you will start to have no control over your thoughts since it is him and only him in your mind after meeting this boy. you will quickly start to realize that he is your favourite person and you cannot imagine a life without him. he is overall an amazing person with a beautiful soul that you will always have a special place in your heart. darren is a person you will very much love without any hesitation.
darren is my very beautiful boyfriend
by yourbiggestfan<33 April 19, 2021
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faith: this is perfect.

athena: it. is. DARREN.
by petrakou July 11, 2020
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the best person really funny all around great guy would love to meet another darren
darren is funny just like u
by dodpo March 15, 2019
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the worst person you could ever meet. a super sweet and good looking guy when you first meet him, but then once you get to your senses you realize how much of an ugly fat asshole he is. he also probably has a skinny dick.
rose: darren is such a dick
heather: i know and he has a skinny dick
by calvin klein on my dick June 3, 2020
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A group of anti-christian, anti-gay activists originiating in Tennesee in 1938.
darrens;"Justice for Purities"
by MichaelBalter November 4, 2006
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a really tall and dark but weird kid.
Jay: Yo darren is pretty tall and really weird, he probably likes guys.
DaVon: Facts.
by Discord:Jayy.#0001 January 3, 2019
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