It's a darker brown! duh
look at a crayon..a dark brown crayon..
its brown..but dark..get it?!?!
by SEGM June 19, 2008
You are beautiful! You have dark brown hair! Very different from normal brown hair. It shows that you are different from others in a good way! People with dark brown hair fit with many eye colours like: green (like mine), blue, hazel and brown! You're probably some savage person too!
Oh look! She has dark brown hair...I wish I had that hair too
by .+*Ally*+. February 11, 2018
a relatively large blunt, the size and color of a dark barbie leg.
"i just smoked a Dark Brown Barbie leg"
by asjdkfhhf July 19, 2008
the dark brown hydroflask is the most gnarly molotov cocktail spinoff

-empty a stolochnaya blueberry vodka halfway

-fill the rest with shit of any kind ( dog, human, cat, horse, deer, cow )
-stuff a cloth in the top light it and lauch it
guy 1: bro, I got in this insane barfight and out of nowhere my homie made me a dark brown hydroflask and now I am facing 13 years for arsen and destruction of property
guy 2: whatever man that shit was definetly worth it
by mistercockmuncher June 6, 2021