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Typical American suburb. Borders Stamford and Norwalk. Ten years ago it was fairly wealthy and upper class with housing prices in the millions. Housing prices have dropped, it's an okay, slightly snobby and toxic community. You got the super rich kids with their yachts who are oblivious to any existence of poverty in the town and blinded by privilege, the towneys with an average downtown, and the lower middle class along the west end bordering Springdale. (Wakemore, Greenwood, Camp and through the beginning of Springdale). Drugs run rampant.
Darien Ct is a suburb of CT bordered by Stamford and Norwalk
Guy #1: "Aye Darien ain't on shit"
Guy #2: "Idk mane but they got the connect on that good good tho if you know where to look"
by hitman867 October 07, 2019
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Darien is one of the richest towns in America and everyone who lives here lives in a bubble. The town is 99.99% WASP White Anglo Saxon Protestant. Everyone looks the same and dresses the same, drives the same cars and live in million dollar mansions, and they turn their noses up at people from the neighboring towns of Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport etc. it’s a bubble, only 30 mins from the hood of Bridgeport.

Boring, elitist and full of snobs
by Lilpaws April 09, 2018
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