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A Twitter-famous man who has captivated thousands of followers by promoting racial equality on Twitter. His goal is simple - to eradicate the 'hard R' (or 'Unspeakable Word' as he calls it). He assertively confronts racists on Twitter -- no one is safe.

Darelle's life began in Compton on February 12th, 1989 - on the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the NAACP. His early days in Compton left him emotionally scarred - the Unspeakable Word was thrown around carelessly in those days, and Darelle never recovered from hearing it so many times.

When he was 18, Darelle made a Twitter. Before he even wrote his first Tweet, someone used the Unspeakable Word against him. He couldn't believe it - the wounds of his childhood were still fresh, but this incident left him devastated. He promptly deleted his Twitter, bought 500 pounds of protein powder, and withdrew to his home gym for the next 60 months, lifting weights religiously and never leaving his home. In 2012, he emerged from his sanctuary 75 pounds heavier. He now had a mission - to eradicate racism on Twitter by whatever means necessary.

Darelle came forth to the real world to learn that many things had changed - among them he noticed that there was now a black president and KFC had tripled their prices. But one thing stuck out to him in particular - racism still dominated Twitter. His Holy Crusade was needed more than ever. He created a new Twitter, (@BigBlackMeatMan) and dedicated his life to it.
Paula D: Damn, I hate n***ers.

Da'Quante: Yo, you better watch out for my man Darelle Blackburn! He's ripped and isn't too fond of that word!

*Darelle rises from the shadows behind Paula D and snaps her neck, killing her instantly*
by Don Sterling July 06, 2014
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