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v. to cover up a mistake when singing by moaning, groaning, or mumbling gibberish over said mistake until you can continue singing the song normally.

The definition is named after Darby Crash (R.I.P.), the vocalist for The Germs. Darby is know for his gravelly voice AND for his incoherent mumbling in his songs.

"Darby Crashing it" usually only works for music genres such as punk when chaotic and improvised sounding vocals are the most appreciated. "Darby Crashing it" is really helpful with keeping time and energy with the song w/o being obvious that you FORGOT THE WORDS TO YOUR OWN SONG.
-Dude, did you remember the lyrics to our songs?

-Crap man, I forgot to go over them

-Shit! Man people are gonna be pissed if you just freeze during the set

-Nah, man its cool. I'll just Darby Crash it.
by Mr. Dagger June 05, 2009
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