A name given to the sorceress who had absorbed the power of the loser, Jung.
Dara met a fine guy named Brian.
by Gary Chitzwell May 06, 2003
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Dara is the underrated member of society, His drip is alright but that’s different from his personality and energy which are just lovely. He’s a nice man and always compliments people. Many people will hate Dara due to prejudice but really Dara is a lovely man
Dara is so cool I wish I was him
by Uraka taka December 10, 2019
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She is a very awesome person and very very funny. She gets high on pop and very funny when she is high. She has liked a lot of boys but she overall has liked one for a lot of years. That person has never liked her. The person dara likes is very hot and probably may never like her. Every time she’s with her friend (all the time) they get high together on pop! She my seem like she dosent care but when you get close to her she will care. She is really hilarious when she’s high and on crack and she will laugh a lot. She is overall awesome and gorgeous. She is very short. She probably likes a guy that his names start with a T or a C.
Why is dara always high?!
Dara is very funny!
Dara is really short
That Dara girl is hilarious!
by Skyleriscool November 30, 2019
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Dara is a guy who deosnt really talk or show feeelings. He is not very kind but will help you when youre very desperate. He is very loyal and will love the only one girl in his heart. He is mostly depress and dont have many friends but his lover will always light up his day. He has a very beautiful soul. he is a kepper.
Dara is always there to listen to your problem.
by sandratina June 08, 2021
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A Football Fanatic. Uses A Lot of Irrelevant Emojis (That's What makes him funny)Always Up For A Game Of Fortnite And FIFA, Loves posting on his status, and a Girl named "Baby Jane" Has a crush On him πŸ˜‚
Person: Yo Can I Have A Pencil?
Person:...May I Have A Pencil?
Dara: You Up For a Game Of Fortnite?
Person: Were about to start an exam...
Person: Never Mind...
by Saju And Soro April 10, 2019
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If someone is talking dara he is talking bullshit
Dude 1: Yo dude i just fucked the thiccest broad
Dude 2: don't be talking that dara fool
by WoodstockJR. October 23, 2018
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