A term that is commonly used by hardcore badasses that means Dick and Pussy Sweat
dude i give u DAPS, that was a funny ass joke
by Cooper Shannon December 25, 2007
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1. the person who gives the hardest dap in school
2. the person who you give most of your dap to
1. that boy BJ is the dap man. his shit is fire
2. andre is my dap man bro. he is always throwin me good shit.
by dap man October 08, 2007
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the act of engaging in a threesome with two guys and at the same time the males mushroom slap the female (often slutty) on each cheek.
Me and Steve totally mushroom dapped Shelby because she wouldnt stop talking during sex.
by Mitch who October 05, 2011
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when spitting tabacco is placed in between the big and second toe.
during hockey many players pack toe daps
by dude davis October 26, 2009
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To dap is to leave, bounce
It was created by some stoopid kid only 13 who thought dap was to bounce
Aye,I’m finna dap.
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The action of dapping someone up twice. This action only occurs in special occasions and is reserved for those who are extremely nice with it.
I had to double dap the homie he was on that hoe.
by Supremejsn May 04, 2020
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Ben Shapiro AKA Dr. DAP AKA Dr. Dry-Ass Pussy
Ben Shapiro posted a comment attempting to pick apart Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP" song.
Oh, man, what did Dr. DAP have to say this time?
by Some Jumpy Weirdo December 21, 2020
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