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Danville, VA is a place that used to be known for its wonderful textile industry. Now that is gone, it pretty much has nothing left except high uneducation and unemployment rates. Also, be warned upon entering Danville, of the extremly high STD rate. Stupidity is common here. Logical reasoning is not taught within the city limits, and it really wouldn't matter if it were. Bad driving is normal. If you encounter a good driver on the streets of Danville, you should realize, they are obviously not from Danville. We are pretty sure they are selling licences at the Old Dutch (grocery store) now. There really isn't much going on in this place. For instance, they built a bypass around the city, and it is more interesting than the city itself. Teenagers hang out on Riverside Dr. (in the parking lot of shopping centers, right next to the only bowling alley) on weekends as an alternative to staying at home. On any given Friday night, there are four things to do, and three of them involve going to one of the local county's high school football games. Danville is filled with redneck hicks and ghetto fabulous peps. Just to give you one last feel of how smart this town is, lets go with this example: the science museum and the train station are located in the same building...smh. Thankfully this city is located right on the VA and NC border so at any given time in Danville, you are in the perfect position to get the hell out!
*watching fender bender from across the road*
Guy: "hey, does it take every cop and rescue person in this city to respond to a fender bender that didn't leave damage on either car?"
Girl: "yeap, welcome to Danville, VA!"
Guy: "count, with me! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 guys standin around with their hands in their pockets!"
Girl: "yeap, seriously, you're not from round' here are you? head south, you'll hit NC soon! thanks for visiting."
by 10buzz11chip October 03, 2010
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