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Every Dankmas or Danky morning, day, evening or night Father Cannabis defends his bong of joy to deliver vast quantities of illicit substances to unexpecting but welcoming individuals. Man of few words, Danky Claus appears, jeers the crowd, lights his spliff and has to dip, if you trip he'll help you quick, blowing smoke "OH, OH, OH's" to all before he drips. He is married to a lass named Mandy(UK), or Molly(US) (nee X) and only begins his shift after his time with his wife.

He enjoys vacationing in his houses in Amsterdam, Thailand, and Jamaica, his favourite puffin stuff is Amnesia Haze, but he does enjoy the occasional Skunk. While not tending to the wellbeing of his believers and vacationing he enjoys raves, his hip hop career, and making art. Happy Dankmas to all.
"Fuck man, oh no, where dat weed at!?"
Danky Claus- "Oh yeah! Here dat weed at! Merry Dankmas!"
"Thanks Danky Claus!"
Danky Claus- "Hey its all good my dude, I mean this with all my Dankmas cheer, shut up and have a spliff!"
Oh yeah...

by Dank Claus March 16, 2012
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a man from venice that comes down your chimney on 4/20 and gives everyone kush, sooooooooooooooooooooomeeeeee bomb kush
Damn man Danky Claus gave me stress :( fuck i shouldn't have been shiesty
by danky claus May 31, 2008
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