coolest group of people that you can be apart of. everyone is jealous of this group and they wish they could be in it
by poopinmynoseee October 17, 2009
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A universal word; varies with each user; can mean good, bad, and everything in between
"Brah, that was soooo dank."

"I have never had a more dank day."

"This teacher is ridiculous. Like seriously, sooo damn dank."
by thedankest August 24, 2011
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A word often used to describe the appearance, or scent of a female I'm a negative form.
Guy 1: I was drunk last night, Sarah and I hooked up.

Guy 2: Gross man! Sarah is Dank.
by Midnight Mastermind July 27, 2014
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a word similar to 'sweet, shibby, cool, hot, amazing, etc etc...'
often used with the word 'mad' in front of it.
person: "yeah, i just got new aviators."
friend: "oh cool, i always wanted a pair."
person: "yeah, avs are mad DANK."

person: "i went to the mall yesterday."
friend: "oh, dank. whatd you get?"
by codename_lily May 26, 2008
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