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An old Facebook group that was composed of 500k members when it was struck by the zucc on September 3rd 2017. It was known as one of the biggest Facebook meme community.
(Also known as DMG)
-Do you remember Dank Memes Gang ?
-Yes, DMG was my life.
by Francus420 April 19, 2018
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Also known as DMG, this facebook group that steals content from all over the web, including normie platforms such as 9gag and iFunny, which are generally disliked and not visited by dank memers.

It is said that it once was a pretty dank facebook group, but normies started slipping in and soon the dankness dropped and the group quickly became a collection of edgy memes all around the web.
Eugene: "Look at this dank meme I found on Dank Memes Gang!"
Chad: "Dude, that meme was on r/dankmemes three weeks ago. Fucking normie REEEEEEE"
by Heymanthatsgoodstuff August 19, 2017
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A facebook group who thinks they are dank but whole group is full of normies
John: Hey do you know dank memes gang?
Jimmy: Yeah, a group of normies.
by Dank Empire July 14, 2017
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