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A Cult-Classic Action Movie Starring Strong Bad As Dangeresque And Homestar Runner As Dangeresque,Too.

The Story Is that Perducci (Played By The King of Town) Has The Serum At the Border,And If Dangeresque,And His new Partner,Dangeresque,too,And If they Don'y get the Serum Through,The'll Kidnap Cutesy-Buttons (Played By Marzipan).They Then Travel to Istanbul (Played by the Cheat)to Throw Perducci Off a Sky Scraper,But little do they know,Perducci Has set up A Trap.They Get to the Top of the Skyscraper,But are confronted by Perducci's Secret Weapon,Killingyouguy.But Dangeresque,too Takes Him Out With a Hurricane Kick (A move From Street Fighter).They then Capture Perducci and Get the Serum Through So Cutesy Buttons Won't get kidnapped.They,Laugh and then Say The Catch-Phrase of the Dangeresque Series.
Uh-oh!Look's Like we're Going to have to jump!
by _Galaga May 09, 2005
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