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A type of gay dance event where they have a dancefloor as well as a backroom where men can have sex. The term 'play' is used for censorship and legal reasons due to the fact some places are not allow to have sexual activities to occur. Many events will explicit state it in their flyers while others will implicit with terms like naughty, piggy, dirty, raunchy, and others to explain to the type of atmosphere the event will be.

Dance-and-Play parties are occur during Circuit Parties and Leather Parties within their festival or will be the main attraction at their events.

Unlike it's counter part, Play Party, not everyone goes to a dance-and-play party to have sex. They know it's an option and not a requirement.
Are you going to the Meat Party? What kind of party is it? It's a dance-and-play party where you dance in the main room and play in the darkroom.
by LateNightCruiser May 19, 2018
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