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A group of girls that are going through school as if everyone is judging them but only because its totally true. If your wearing the wrong type of uggs or the same sweatshirt all week, you are considers weird or even a loser. Of course like any other school, there are cliques of girls that are popular, popular sluts, regulars, outcasts that try to talk to the popular girls but totally fail, and the girls who think they are so totally cool but they are most definatly not. Also, a lot of the popular girls are obsessed with guys and hooking up at dances. Since it is an all girls school, girls are either boy-obsessed or lesbian.
Example 1:

Popular Dana Student 1: Oh My God.... Did you see her sweatshirt...? She's worn it like four times this week...
Popular Dana Student 2: Ya seriously, doesn't she have any other sweatshirts...?

Example 2:
Popular Dana Student 1: Did anyone else see how that loser tried to talk to me?!

Popular Group of Dana Hall Students: Oh My God! Why would she even try to do that?!

Example 3:

Popular Dana Student 1: *Hooking up with a super hot Fesseden guy*
Popular Dana Student 2: Well if she's hooking up, I should too! -Looks around and grabs a random guy- We should hook up ;)

Example 4:
Popular Dana Student 1: She is totally lesbian... shes never hooked up or grinded with a guy and its already senior year...
by tHeReAlTrUtHfOrEvEr July 10, 2011
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