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The Spanish sentence the weird alien says. But, it means give me your little thing
by MichMitchy May 23, 2018
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A fucking mistake ever made since gods birth and it virgin you tubers use it as click bait crying themselves to sleep because they know they are a big failure at life
Random person: DAME TU COSITA AA AA!!!

A positive human being that knows meaning to life: I swear to god if you don’t stop saying that I’m going to slap the fuck out of you so hard you won’t have your virginity anymore
by Dat_Boi33 July 07, 2018
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a green icon dancing to the song which is saying "give me your little thing." Children have just started to learn the dance and they love to go along with the character
Dame Tu Cosita ah ah Dame Tu Cosita ahhh.
Hey mom, can I dance to dame tu cosita
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by Agetha Trunchbull June 12, 2018
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A spanish scentence that when translated to english, says "give me your little thing" it is also used as a way to get clickbait veiws by minecraft youtubers like RageElixer.
Omg! I just found dame tu cosita in minecraft! (SCARY) (NOT CLICKBAIT)
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by Ur mom's shrek hentai June 15, 2018
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A music video with a green alien saying "Dame tu Cosita", which translates to "Give me your little thing", which sounds very sexual. Speaking of sexual, it has some sex moans in the background, so it probably is a sexual song.

It also has a cringeworthy fanbase.

It may sound catchy at first, until you figure out what it means.
Dame tu Cosita! Ah! Ah! Dame tu Cosita! Ah! Ayy!
by InkDictionary July 29, 2018
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A set of words that visualises the existential dread of a suicidal person. Also represents the unstoppable marching of time that is slowly guiding us all towards an inevitable death.

oh, and its despacito 2
friend: hey dude what are you do-
friend: oh god what's happening

*The chant suddenly stopped after a loud thunder was heard."
friend: jim?
me: not anymore. *laughs* I come from hell. The deepest, blackest place where light causes pain, and darkness brings solace. The place which deprives one of faith and erases memories. . We have no longer fear the existence of god. Our time has come, child.
by trendisgone June 20, 2018
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