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Small suburban town in Northeastern Pennsylvania right outside of Wilkes-Barre. Named after this dude Alexander Dallas back in 1817. Home of the Dallas shopping center, Bernie's Pizza, Ranch Wagon, and College Misericordia. Known as the part of the "Back Mountain" area of the Wyoming Valley. Notable people from Dallas include former Football Pro and current Defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers Greg Manusky, convicted criminal Hugo Selenski, street artists "Troph", and "Dever", and band members of the noise rock band "An Albatross". 1964 Oscar nominee Lee Tracy lived here for many years and is buried in Shavertown at the Evergreen Cemetary.
by Jay Coates July 18, 2010
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shithole bordering a worse shithole (Wilkes Barre). A place that Satan wipes his ass with.

Guy 1: Yo where do you live?

Ian: I'm from Dallas, pa

Guy 1: Oh sweet, Texas?

Ian: No man... Dallas Pennsylvania.

Guy 1: Damn, isn't that place a huge shithole?
by fuckdallaspa March 02, 2009
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