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An American high school located on a wind-blown precipice
in the far western shit-hole suburbs of Denver,Co.

This funky corn-hole of secondary education is only notable for not being Columbine.It is a massing of the spoiled progeny of parents one step up from the white trash and one mortgage payment from smoking pole for crack rock.

The athletic teams get beat like a drum every year and the teachers think that To Kill A Mockingbird is cutting edge literature.

In short,Boo good!DRHS sucks your brain like a juice box.
Mom:Look at those black criminals on CSI!

DRHS student:Quit smoking meth out of that light bulb and listen.At Dakota Ridge High School,we are taught that they are metaphorical mockingbirds.So shut your crankhole and help me bust up this chiffarobe.
by Phunky Wagnalls January 19, 2012
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