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One of the shittiest high schools on the planet. Bunch of bitches, whores, stupid ass teachers, and security cameras up the ass.
Thinks it's better than any other high school, and apparently the academics are FANTASTIC.
Yeah. Right.
Did you hear about that girl from Dakota High School?
She's totally preggers.
THAT'S no surprise.
by Yeslek Kcirdap January 12, 2011
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Because of its proximity to a huge trailer park, and the amount of school of choice kids who come from the projects across Hall Road, Mount clemens, or even Detroit, Dakota is the worst school in Macomb Township. Full of the ghettoest white and black kids ever.
Dakota High School gets a lot of School of Choice kids. This, in combination with the trailer park, are why people who live near there conversly don't go to Dakota.
by South Side Chicano July 16, 2016
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A school in Dakota, IL that is full of kids with no future. They strive to go to Highland Community College if any college at all. Kids who are raised to someday takeover the family farm and where people are faker than Barbie. This school is known for “cousin fuckery” and toxic ass relationships that last forever because there is simply no one else to date. Dakota kids tend to stay in the small town of Dakota.
“These roads are covered in 1343 inches of ice and school at Dakota High School still isn’t closed!”
by Factsfactsfacts January 22, 2018
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