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The act or state of being completely adorable in every way. Has a killer body and sounds country, usually able to be found in central to the eastern region of the United States. When found, you will be amazed and in shock of the overwhelmingly melting appearence before you. It is warned that you may just faint at the sight of his frawesomeness. But like goat love, Dakota Duff love is everlasting so if you find one, keep him forever and never let him leave. But be warned once more, other girls may find interest in your Dakota Duff, so cherish him.
1. Seeing a perfect angel with no wings.
2. Voice is an exact comparrison to red wine.
3. Behavior of a lion but has the heart of a lamb.
4. "I'm so in love with Dakota Duff, he is amazing in every way and I'll love him forever."
by BethDuff23 September 09, 2010
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