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Reminiscent of Dagwood Bumstead's famous sandwiches, the Dagwood Special is when a cock, nestled in a hoagie roll (much akin to a sausage in a bun), spreads his partner's beef curtains. Prior to insertion, the man sprays a load of man sauce all over said roast beef (acting as the mayo of the sandwich). Upon penetration, the cock, hoagie roll, and beef curtains are pressed together thus creating a genitalia sandwich. The act is topped off when the woman inserts an olive into her partner's shit pipe.
Guy1: Yo brah, how did your date with Tiffany go last night?
Guy2: Yo brah, check it, I gave her the old Dagwood Special!
Guy1: Baller, dude!
Guy2: Yeah, but I still haven't passed the olive.
Guy1: Aw shit!
by KnownPublicEjaculator August 22, 2016
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