I just had a really long shit. It lay there looking at me like a sweaty dachshund
by milm August 27, 2008
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A dachshund that inspires artists and their communities.
Lump the Dachshund and Boris were known in the Orlando art scene
by Gallerist January 9, 2021
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When one puts peanut butter on another's asshole and then proceeds to give him/her a rim job.
Last night i was really hungry but Erica wanted to have some sexy time first, so I grabbed some JIF and gave her a sticky dachshund.
by gingerspice1398 July 19, 2011
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A way to describe a party, club, or other get-together as being populated by a vast majority of males. In other words, a sausage fest or brodeo.
I went to Stacy's party, but left early because there was more sausage there than a dachshund convention!
by Senator Sexy September 15, 2007
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A large, scratchy, asshole-stretching turd-bomb, followed by a more comfortably sliding-out fecal extrusion. The bear, large and combative, all claws and fangs, makes a big splash as he enters the water, before giving way to the dachshund, designed for slipping easily through holes in the snow to retrieve downed quail.
I feel better now after seeing The Bear and the Dachshund
by sofacall July 22, 2009
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a large, fully engorged, raging hard-on, also affectionately referred to as 'red hot dog'.
hey, i bumped into a hot guyfriend that i've been thinking about for weeks. feel so flushed with anticipation, because he said he wanted to play hide and seek with me and his 'commie dachshund', this saturday night.
by wamazon February 9, 2011
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smelly fat hairy sausage dog, is a bad breed i do not recommend.
roy has a stinky long-hair-dachshund.
by kirkyyyy January 17, 2021
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