When you start dabbing with all power and speed
Oh shoot he going ultimate dab speed.
by miztercrazy September 13, 2016
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legit the best phrase ever and if you don’t use it then i’m sorry for you
janet : who’s that??
barbra : ur mom dab *dabs*
by Ilysm..........! November 29, 2021
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A word commonly used back in 2016 to upset many people over the cringe. If you wanted to make someone weirded out or annoyed just list this word.
Wassup Jake , Yeet-Dab-Bro

If you are using it in the sense of 2-3 people
Person 1: Yeet Person 2: Dab Person 3: Bro

Commonly used by people 11 or lower in 2021-but some may use it more to make fun of the fact it exists.
by Bella G-H December 14, 2021
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