A dance craze that originated in Atlanta, you don’t just do the Dab, you feel the Dab! Let the beat guide you and when the drop comes in, you tilt your head into your inner elbow while simultaneously lifting your right forearm, sneezing is a good example. The Dab is all about swagger, there’s nothing cool about whippin’ your head aimlessly.
person 1"Did you see the football game last night?"
person 2"Yea! Cam hit the Dab dance so hard I felt my heart to make sure it still beating."
by IllusiØn December 17, 2015
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A dance from Atlanta in which you tilt your head while lifting your right forearm at the same time
Bro, I'm telling you the dab dance is the next big thing soon everybody will start doing it
by Tony it's January 01, 2016
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bending your elbow at a 45 degree angle whilst straightening the other arm to the sky.
kalan: ay bruh this tune is flames you gotta listen to it you can even dab to it

Eric: oooooh shit you're right *dab dance*
by myeyesareblackandred March 02, 2016
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