What the HECK?
what in the world?
short form of "What the fuck?"

commonly used when trying to understand something incomprehensable
Ikurama Masato the foreign exchange student from japan read the newb's post in the forum / chat room and proclaimed "da fuck isu hi tarukin abaato? yuusu riaru engirishu idiato!" and promptly began typing his insulting reply.
by Haberdasher April 06, 2005
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Words to express confusion over a situation and/or comment.
Hello! I really like that one strand of hair on your head!

Da Fuck?
by Domino November 03, 2002
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Cathy evilly pinched Dave's balls "accidentally" and Dave proclaimed "da fuck!?!!".
by Dave! February 06, 2003
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A stupid phrase my sister and I keep saying cuz its funny as hell
Basically means what the fuck
"i just tried out this new hairstyle, it's a little different, do you like it?"

"Da fuck nigga da fuck"
by LAlalaBOmBa April 28, 2008
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Slang for " What the Fuck " Usually used in text to save time

What the Fuck is also the meaning for "What the Hell?" Or "Whats happening?"
Text: Hi, I've heard some sound but WHAT DA FUCK IS HAPPENING?
by WolvemaniaWRITES November 18, 2016
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