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a duha no boober is a girl/man object that is a midget german annoying slut hoe that wants attention from fat indians such as KINZA. (her neighbor) SHE IS FLAT AS ERIN EAGAN FOR GODS SHIT. her facee makes me wanna beat a small child . her moms name is tulu and sprayed me with a hose once. whore. duha also means "flat whore" in latin. well the latins are always accurate. IS LOVED BY MS. QUINN and has no friends except kinza. kbaai luvv uu duha no boober!
person 1: "what the fuck is that flat whore over there?"
person 2:"oh thats just duha no boober. "
person 1: "that just ruined my life."
by JUSTINdrewheart January 14, 2011
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