Douche I'd like to forget.

Commonly mistaken as dad Id like to fuck.
by Mishappp June 19, 2009
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Man, Sue's daughter is such a DILF. I wanna bang her in the worst way.
by MaD July 27, 2005
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the male equivalent to a MILF. Can be attractive to teenage girls making them swoon over older men because of daddy issues or just because they want a mature handsome man. Could be married or single.
"I lost my V-card to that DILF down the street, I think his name is Harry" -Olivia
"Oh my god! GROSS!! He's like 25years older than you" -Viki
"That just means he has 25 more years of experience that can please me" -Olivia
by toeingmywayintokiki August 7, 2016
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Shortened phrase for "disc-golf" Commonly used among pro-dilfers and rec-dilfers alike.
by Pro-Dilfer April 12, 2016
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Dog I'd Like to Fuck

Can be any breed (Shepherd, Terrier, Husky, etc.)
Person #1: That Chihuahua is a DILF.
Person #2: You sick bastard.
by {W@R} March 12, 2006
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Here in Cartagena, Columbia, we have seen MANY daughters (DILF) we want to fuck all night long. And Mom (MILFs) can join in too!
by ZeusKnows August 6, 2007
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Acronym for Dog I'd Like to Fuck
There was a dog in the park what I wanted to fuck so bad. It was a real DILF.
by Edee October 30, 2006
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