A man who is a Downtown Independently Livestreaming Father
I guess this would make me a Downtown Independently Livestreaming Father...or a DILF, for short.
by LavaBucket August 8, 2020
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Dilf is a daddy (you, I'd she ) like to phuck
D daddy
I I'd

L like
F Fuck
by Andrea DGeorge Nor-Cal June 19, 2016
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Melania, isn't Ivanka such a DILF? She makes me huuuuge!!!!
by CBD.ava April 9, 2017
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An acronym for don’t ignite lights forever.
Mom: when you play with fire remember to dilf
Child: ofc mom
by Lucypokemonmastress December 11, 2021
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Dad I'd like to fuck- mad famous by Erin Sheppard.
Mr. Surdy is such a DILF!
by Erin Sheppard May 20, 2007
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Should mean dad I'd like to fu-(...sorry can't say that word on this good christian website) but in hentai it refers to fat ugly old bastards most of time.
Manga fan: this hentai looks nice *looks at the tags* ew it has a dilf tag, I fucking hate ugly bastards. Miss me with that shit.
by Romani Archaman August 20, 2018
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Along the same lines as MILF however aimed at a male,
'Dad Id like to fuck' a hot looking male in his 30s or 40s
Jane and Sarah were discussing the party last might:
'Did you see Suzanne's bloke? God what a DILF he is!'
by tmoffy July 7, 2009
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