a sexy paternal figure, the reason you go over to your friend's house.
Man, Mr. Ponsetto's such a dilf!!!! I'd tots tap that.
by anbrias March 27, 2010
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We all know guys love M.I.L.F.'s, Moms I'd Like To F**K. So now girls can use this, Dads I'd Like To F**K.
While picking up my brother from track practice, I spotted one sexy D.I.L.F. dropping off his daughter.
by Devil? April 23, 2009
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extremely good looking dad who probably has a huge dick and i would like to have sex with over and over again
aka--mr. pesta
The hottest DILF is Mr. Pesta. He and I had crazy animal sex after he tucked nick and billy into bed last night. god he has a nice dick.
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A fine foxy daddy, preferably with a wife and three kids. Ripped to the max from carrying all those baby carriages,idolized by mature teenage girls. Prime daddy-meat, Bryan Adams, Paul Newman;
It was a "DILF"icult decision trying to select the prime dilf ready for picking between Gary Hoekstra and wade campbell
by brittney December 27, 2003
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adj. DILF -daddy I'd like to fuck
basically, any attractive man with kids you're hot for
by Sirka-ra July 01, 2006
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