Doctor I'd like to fuck... seen on ER... aimed towards female doctors
Dude, she's a D.I.L.F..
by Unluckee September 29, 2005
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Doctor I'd Like to Fuck...an extremely good looking female physician that most straight men with a functional penis would like to fuck.
Yo...i love going to my doctor...she is a straight up D.I.L.F.
by BlackPanther415 March 03, 2009
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dumbass idiotic loser fool. in other words, this is a jonad.
jonad is a dilf.
all dilfs are jonads.
i hate jonad. die.
by tangy December 16, 2004
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Dyke I'd Like To Fuck. Similar to MILF, except referencing a hot lesbian.
Dude one: "That Portia de Rossi is one hot babe."

Dude two: "Yeah. She's a total DILF."
by weewhoore October 17, 2008
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