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stupid bitches giving themselves a name and a reason legitimately suck each other off for booze. they rarely actually get the girls to join in to their massive ringer of circle jerks so its always one big bang fest of man cock.
hey bro are you dftgb? totally dude open wide!
by manboyjuiceclub January 15, 2011
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Down For The Gang Bang? A large of gathering of people in Denton TX on sunday nights for a night of insane drinking while listening to texas country music. Most girls are DFTGB due to the fact that they get intoxicated and have a fantastic time. The founding fathers of this night are said to be some of the most well known people in the area.
Wow! I got fucked up at DFTGB? last night!

JBONE took me home and I was DFTGB?!
by GayganDTX January 12, 2011
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