Male whore who fuck as many women as possible all at the same time, they normally drive BMW and also Bangers, They are Bad News!!!!
OMG ive been des again!!!
by bubbles2 November 11, 2007
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Adjective, short for "desu" which is short for "kawaii desu ne" or "cute, isn't it?" synonym include cute, adorable, attractive, etc.
"Wow, that guy is super des! If only he liked chicks..."
by Maurice Khaldun January 19, 2010
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Acronym. Discerning Ethical Slut. A person, usually female, engaging in consensual non-monogamy, but is characteristically selective with whom s/he has relations and thus will have fewer partners than the typical slut. Variation of "ethical slut," a term from the 1997 Dossie Easton narrative "The Ethical Slut."
Jane is a DES because she has been engaged in consensual non-monogamous simultaneous relationships with John, Rick and Steve, who all possess characteristics necessary for her to date someone: wealthy, attractive, intelligent.
by S.Beach November 20, 2007
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This is the act of putting baking soda in your ass crack, and then proceeding to pour vinegar into your baking soda'd butthole.
If mixed with a well-timed fart, this can be a pretty funny thing to see.
by gin March 15, 2005
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Exact history not known, but widely used in several circles to describe the act of having a brief (less than 1 hour)sleep early evening to re-charge batteries for evening's entertainment. Not to be confused with a "big sleepy John", which is a more straightforward early night with no intention to get up again.
Big night last night, and I'm out agian today. I am just off for Des first....
by stealth_bowler March 23, 2005
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"Des" is a term that is used when someone is just plain old gay or trying to hard......whatever he or she is doing its just making them look pathetic and well, gay. People who are doin it, dessin it should be spotted quickly. Other words or phrases used for Des are, Doin it, Dudey, dessin, Do its.
"Man that guy with the Nintendo t shirt and glasses is doin it"

"Dude your dessin it with that pimp game of yours"

"That guy des"
by Sam Zamir February 27, 2008
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A man who has uncontrollable bowels and must never be further than 3 meters from a toilet at any given time
Danielle: Man! it smells like shit around here!

Claire: I know i think that guy just shat himself - hes such a des!
by ClaireDaniellabella August 02, 2013
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