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A common nick name for the "crazy fast as hell" University of Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. Other nick names include "Shoelace" and "fast mother fucker". Sports commentators have been known to describe the way D-Rob plays the game as "going crazy".
The Notre Dame defense is going to be carful with D-Rob going crazy at quarterback
by RCALL September 10, 2010
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A term used to describe an unfavorable state of dress, commonly used in conjunction with transvestites or he-she's.

A generalization of "drob" could be likened to a slobbyness or lack of effort, but more commonly; is used to indicate garish bright clothing and/or feminine style make-up or fake nails/wigs which are blatantly fake. Generally a drobby dresser is not trying to hide ones gender but seeks to make it plain and obvious what they are.

"Drob" is also sometimes used to indicate that a transvestite who is trying to hide their gender, has failed somehow and in this sense is sometimes used to incorrectly identify a woman who looks like a man; who is trying to look a woman (another word for this last description is "unfortunate" or "unlucky")
Oh dear! Look at those clothes, that's drob.

Q. Is that drob?
A. Dude, that's a chick.
A. Unlucky!

Oh look! Green and purple lycra in a tutu, that's drob... Like yo mamma.
by seussozzle April 12, 2007
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A meal with little to no nutritional value.
"I can't decide if I want popcorn or chips for dinner”, “dude you can't just keep d-rob’ing it like that, its not good for your body”
by DR April 19, 2005
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Expression stemming from an abbreviation of French "De Rien Oui Bien Sûr", which means 'You're welcome, yeah, of course!'

Can be used to assure someone that something, certainly, has posed no problem at all.
Person A: Thank you so much for saving my babies from that alligator!
Person B: Aw, drobs.
by Daan R. October 09, 2008
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Someone how is really hot, sexy and is tank. That also has hot family members.
by Gortimio April 21, 2008
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A cave dwelling creature that refuses to communicate coherently via text or email. A drob will go out of its way to avoid the topic at hand in any kind of serious correspondence. It will use sarcasm and unrelated data to covertly avoid the subject matter, or so it believes. After criticism, the creature will either not respond or will respond with more of the same irrelevant data.
That drob ignored my last 5 emails and this time replied only with with shear nonsense.
by mtnhillsman January 16, 2014
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