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the blast from a cumshot hits someone so hard that it blows them away
mr wilder dont make me give you the d-rock
by tyler murray April 26, 2005
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where you dont materbate for two months and you wank off and when you hit someone with the blast, it hits them so hard that it hurts.
Mr Wilder dont make me give you the d-rock.
by tyler murray April 26, 2005
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When someone punches you dead in the forhead and yells either D ROCK BITCH! or CHARLIE MURPHY!
I D rocked the shit out of Meghan Woffords big ass forhead
by Eastside ftl October 13, 2005
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Frizzy haired male frequently skips class to take road trips to weird places like Iowa. Attractive but loses any and all skill with ladies when under the influence of alcohol. Obsessed with Madden 2005. Probably masturbates between 16 and 17 times per day. King of diving for little to no reason in broomball. Very sexy, huge wang, etc etc.
-Hey D-Rock quit playing your Madden franchise and come drink.

-Krog pushes D-Rock and some girl into eachother and they kiss. D-Rock thanks Krog

-Doesn't D-Rock have class today? Yeah but he's in Michigan.
by JK February 18, 2005
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A curly-haired over enthusiastic teacher at Wilton High School. He is the assistant coach for the Wilton High School Varsity Soccer team and tries to prove himself as a real soccer player even though he will always live in the shadow of his more successful cousin Kristine Lilly. He finds comfort in hitting on freshman girls in his Western Civilization classes.
Wow D-Rock, that was a terrible shot... I bet Kristine would have made that. Why don't you go hit on that ugly freshman girl again?
by WHS soccer October 10, 2005
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When a man, who hasnt masturbated in such a long time, does it facing toward another person, and when he ejaculates it hits them so hard it hurts!
Person 1 - "Yo bluh, this guy is trying to boi me around. If he aint careful, im'a wack my dick out and D-Rock him straight in the forehead, i aint messing around"

Person 1s Mate - "Yer seen, quit messin mate. You dont want him to D Rock you!"

Person 2 - "Eazy now rudebwoy, i might like it if he D Rocks me, I'm gonna try n catch his cum in my mouth!"

Person 1 - Fuck that shit...!
by Scott Esskay December 18, 2006
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When you're planning to commit a crime, and are openly talking about your plan in public, an innocent bystander decides to give you a nudge towards actually committing the crime. After the crime is committed, that same innocent bystander turns you into the police and you spend the foreseeable future in prison. You've been D-Rock'd.
Devin told some peeps on the court he was gonna rob the 7-11. Marcus came forward and told him, "if you're really gonna do this, you need to plan this right and leave your fingerprints all over the place". Marcus calls the police the next morning and rats on this shithead. You've been D-Rock'd.
by MGE0004 September 8, 2018
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