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A variation of the Mythical Griffon known as the "Cymbal" effect. This is a two-handed Mythical Griffon where a male is penetrating a female via doggie-style, reverse cowgirl, or other related positions and ejaculates in one's hand, rubbing said hands together and clapping on the face of the female unexpectedly as if to impersonate playing the cymbals. Again, thus splattering the semen all over the female's face hopefully to get it in the eyes, mouth, ears, nose and hair.
"Hey bro, I was making sweet love to Candi last night and as I was penetrating her from behind, I pulled out the Cymballic Mythical Griffon! I played those cymbals so hard, she thought there was a procession of the royal family!"
by sugabaybee aint2young2fuck October 30, 2011
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