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Based off of the famous Cruis'n USA racing video game from 1994 and the Cruis'n series, Cuzzi'n USA is a video game or real life trip of Cuzzin around famous cities and landmarks in the USA. It involves racing your friends or other Cuzzi Hoppers (Jacuzzi Hoppers) across a city or region's Jacuzzis in the United States. The first person or team to hop 10 Cuzzis in a city or region wins first place for that city or region. To advance to the next location, an individual or team must hop 10 Jacuzzis. Every individual or team is given a Cuzzimobile to travel to the next location or next Jacuzzi in a region or city.
Guy 1: Yo Cruis'n USA. What if we could be Cuzzin across the USA?

Guy 1: Yo Cuzzi'n USA!!!

Guy 2: YEEAAA!!!! LETS DO IT!!


Guy 2: Is the final location the Aquatic fortress that is the Bartrams?

Guy 1: Nah thats in Cuzzi'n World
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by Daytony500fan March 29, 2017
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