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Any food, usually bite-sized and never messy, that is eaten by girls in public. Its purpose is to make these girls more attractive to boys. Generally cute foods are hands-only and can be playfully popped into the girl's mouth. Grapes, cotton candy, and small candies are all cute foods. Anything that requires the girl to open her mouth wide is not allowed (apples, sub sandwiches, bacon cheeseburgers). However, some non-cute foods can be easily made cute by cutting them into bite-sized pieces. A sandwich or large candy bar can be broken up into smaller parts and ice cream can be eaten in a cone instead of from a dish.
"Check out Kelly over there, eating that huge salami sandwich!"
"Disgusting. Definitely not one of the cute foods. When she starts eating grapes, then maybe I'll date her."
by Ben Covington November 05, 2009
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