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Much in the same context as magic dust, angel dust or generally any powdery or extremely fine grained mind-altering anesthetic, Cupid's Cocaine is what the famed god of erotic love and beauty spreads like so many amorous arrows. Except dear reader, this isn't just any magically inhaled love...this is high powered, chat breeze until the sun comes up, mind numbing, hate yourself the next day, raw aggressive brain cell destroying love. If you ever find yourself in the midst of a tempestuous love affair, and also exhibit symptoms of agitation, racing thoughts, hyperactivity, paranoia, toxic psychosis, depression, rage and any other range of bipolar symptoms, you may have been laced by none other than Venus' sly little son : ) Just don't expect immortality the next day.
Andromeda felt such a captivating rage of intense love for Jason that she knew she had been spiked with Cupid's Cocaine.....and was destined to fall tragically within ~ 2h and need to re-up.
by tomorroworld July 19, 2010
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