1. The desire of a man or woman to injest seminal fluid in their mouth, ass or pussy.

2. The overwhelming desire to swallow cum.

3. The desire to have a man ejaculate inside of your body.
Michelle is cum thirsty since she wants to have all of those men fill her pussy full of cum every night.
by easyslider January 6, 2013
Common athletic socks that are used as spank rags. The Thristy Cum Sluts are ladies of the night that provide pleasure after drunk dials and booty calls have failed. These sluts must be aware of Sock Pirates (aka white slaving jiz bombers) and avoid them at all cost.

The newly purchased package of Thirsty Cum Sluts were lined up waiting to provide pleasure to their master's every needs.
by Mr. Scrickets January 7, 2007
An absoulte trash-receptacle of a person who has an insatiable hunger for phallus'.
First person - "There's nothing you could say that would hurt my feelings."
Second person - " You are a cock thirsty cum dumpster."
First person - " My soul hurts."
by Shedofwork September 28, 2017