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When the beliefs instigated by a cultural norm are accepted as good and right without deeper scientific and social research, insight or logic. This condition often results in social situations of bandwaggoning, rallies, and citizens being whipped up by political speeches that are shallow in content but emotionally charged. Victims exhibit a failure to evaluate from a deeper scientific and historical standpoint, instead viewing it from a peer or cultural perspective.
Commercial Cultural Slavery:
A car loan is acceptable today because car companies wanted to increase sales, and changed their advertising to reflect loans. Over time, this has influenced us to consider it acceptable to own a car when you can't afford it.

Social Cultural Slavery:
Gay and lesbian couples are often accepted by those who shy away from researching said conditions because sodomy is a culturally ignored and often unacceptable subject. Such research unveils pornography, high abuse rates, and - of course - the lack of biological backing for the psychological condition.
by Ashendarei September 28, 2010
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