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Contracted by looking at Hot Human Beings:


Symptoms Include: (1)Thinking about that person all the time. (2) Over analysis of everything he says, or does

(3) Feelings can only be expressed by ~akaugdfkjadfhoaudfgoa~

(4) You get sick to your stomach, can't focus, and you start caring more about your looks.

(created Kenzie & Katy)
Girl likes guy and has no idea if he has any kind of feelings for her.

So she contracts CRUSHINGS DISEASE and starts thinking of all the things he does and doesn't do.

She looks up "How to tell if a guy likes you" "How to tell a guy you like him"

She gets sick to her stomach and over analyzes everything he says and does

She then either finds out he likes her and they are together till....Their not together anymore or she finds out he has no feelings toward her and she is Heart broken and things get really awkward.
by Crushing Disease Patient September 12, 2013
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