The feeling when your vagina recoils because you find something someone said/did so repulsive
Omg that was so vile I had a vagina crunch
by Factsoflifeforwomen June 16, 2015
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The nickname of a girl who puts makeup over all her acne to hide it even though we all obviously see it, and it looks worse with the caked makeup on it.
by Bailey22301 June 28, 2015
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british insult towards americans implying fishy smelling genitalia
"You're being such a tuna crunch!"
by auboz November 27, 2017
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A swift hand movement to the female genetalia region, causing pain in the vagina
Dave gave a taco crunch to Nancy after she slept with his dad.
by Dave-Kort October 18, 2013
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Hey mom can you pour me a bowl of zoodabega crunch? I'm late for school!
by Fortune Wookie April 16, 2011
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