when you have a little fling going for someone
haley: who's that?

lauren: oh thays carson i have a crunch on him
by leledog December 22, 2017
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To creep out on someone, derived from the infamous sketchy rave character Captain Crunch
Ew, that creep with the one-eyed stare is starting to crunch out on all the young girls, trying to give them all free hugs.
by 12er McLush April 12, 2011
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When you are laying in bed or sitting on the couch and a dog steps on part of your body mercilessly.
I was having a great dream until my dog crunch pawed my nutsack.
by MillerLite6969 March 09, 2019
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A term used in Overwatch to describe the point in a match where a player/team is popping off against the opposing team during overtime, often resulting in victory.
Hotba went into crunch time against the London Spitfire, allowing the NYXL to clutch the 2nd map.
by Mortem0re February 08, 2020
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something you slip into a sentence like a roofie into a drink at the local pub
those crunch words really make my essay look bad I think i need another drink
by KoolKidKroom September 09, 2018
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While trying to perform a Dutch Oven you accidentally shart.
Example: Last night, I tried to pull a Dutch Oven on Cynthia after eating Mexican food, and it turned into a Dutch Crunch.
by DRoclc August 09, 2018
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adj. A variation of the common phrase earthy-crunchy. This variant implies a more active sense of the phrase than its passive version that uses y's. It is still heavily rooted in all things hippie/organic/natural/environmentalist, staying true to its tree-hugging roots.
Shannon is so earth-crunch when she comments on our posts about envrionemtanl mumbo-jumbo, especially when the topic of conversation was so skillfully set on seductive spheres of sin known as cherries.
by The Vampire of cherries August 25, 2009
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