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Cruiser Clothing. Struggle & Strength. Always Real, Forever Loyal, Family First, Living Life to the Fullest, Forever Free. Always Down.
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Cruiser Represents a Mentality. The way you live your life. Doing what you have to do no matter what. The Struggle and Strength. Its the fight, the struggle and holding your head up and doing what you have to do in life. No complaints, Handle business, Stand Strong and Push Forward.

Cruiser Lifestyle represents those who are always real, forever loyal, put their family first, Live life to the fullest, who are forever free and always down.

No matter where you are in life. Whether your running a business or doing time. Its about being strong, handling business no matter what it is and never forgetting who you are, where you are from and what you represent in life. Cruiser represents the Lifestyle, the mentality.
Loyality. Pride. Brotherhood. Respect
"He's sure living the Cruiser Lifestyle."
"Yeah, I know man he's always down and always real bro."
by halfmoonbay December 01, 2011
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