Digitally speaking when a computer program is "fucking up your shit" but specifically when two items of your digital work, projects or programs are exactly switched making both of the technical items absolutely wrong. A simple glitch making your digital needs unattainable for the moment. Usually remedied by closing the offending programs and/or restarting the program.
When you have two Facebook accounts, one for work and one for pleasure and when you open Facebook and it shows your inbox from one account and your friends list from the other account. My Facebook account is so whack, it's cross fucked.
by Facebook Rogue November 17, 2009
The act of being extremely high and extremely drunk at the same time. Resulting in a incredibly strong euphoric state, and almost always resulting in a loss of memory the next day.
GUY1:did you see frank last night he was so gone.
GUY2:ya he was Cross Fucked.
by agrove85 May 1, 2009
Sexual intercourse that is so satisfying that one of the participants temporaryly or perminantly becomes cross-eyed.
Hannah went to the optologist to have her lazy eye checked out, He told her that she had been fucked cross-eyed and that it should return to normal within a week.
by ha haaa December 8, 2014
the act of having sexual intercourse while in shape of an X. Seen mostly in hardcore porn videos.
He was cross fucking me last night. My pussy never bleed so much since then
by Noodleboilver6969 December 30, 2017