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a burning man parade of women riding bikes, with or without exposed breasts. as of 2009, this parade is little more than a 'girls gone wild' event with a twist. under the guise of being a display of female empowerment, this is simply a parade women exploiting themselves for the age-old attention-from-men benefit.

while the parade itself is tolerable because it moves away as soon as it arrives, the estrogen laden gathering (a so-called sacred ritual of empowerment) following the parade is reprehensible to anyone who doesn't hate men.

the ritual forms on the OPEN playa, and immediately sets up a perimeter viciously guarded by recruited males (manginas) with orders to repel all other men. the ritual turns this once open space into an antisocial misandric pit.

this segregating event is so malevolent, that as the 'ritual' expands it runs over male burners doing their own thing. the magina thugs verbally assault and physically intimidate the men, and in some cases threaten violence if a man doesn't divert his eyes or move away from the wicked pit.
the misandrists of critical tits are no longer welcome one the open playa. such future gathering will not be tolerated.
by marybethjones March 04, 2010
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