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A new "finisher" move featured in Soul Calibur IV. Much like a fatality in Mortal Kombat, this move can be pulled off regardless of the size of the opponenet's life bar.

Each critical finish is unique to each character, yet all are essentially ho-hum, over rated, and proof that the developers couldn't think of any new gameplay mechanics.
Instead of learning the game and dissecting each fighter's depth, newcomers to the game are simply racing to see who can pull off their critical finish but it's "way cool" and "of win".
by MrCerebellum July 23, 2008
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Putting the hilt of any midevil melee weapon into a womans vagina (Sword, Mace, Battlaxe, etc.)

Note- I am not responsible for any incidents.
The only orgasm I ever had was when my boyfriend gave me a critical finish.
by Sexy Samurai September 26, 2009
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