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A term coined by T.K. AKA The Kid *Formally Big Tony*, A local music artist and producer from Crimedotte county, Afkansistan, used to describe Wyandotte County Kansas, and the areas of Argentine, Armourdale, Rosedale, Central, *As of 2018, Turner finally starts making the list, at the bottom of the list* and Bethel/Welborn. This excludes the area of Piper, which is farther west than Bethel/Welborn, because once you're past the 100's in numbers, you're pretty well out of the ghetto. Inside/under the 100's, you risk anything from being murdered, car jacked, beaten, abused by crooked police, taunted, and anything else most people expect from the hood. THIS IS NOT A PLACE YOU WANT TO RAISE KIDS. People shoot off their firearms in the city simply to test them out, and the police will not even drive by to check, even if calls are made. Crack, heroin and meth heads roam the streets, from the A.M. to the P.M. Anyone, and everyone is a target, and you must sleep with your eyes open. Movies and Documentaries like, *Welcome to Killa City 1&2, Hood 2 Hood documentaries*, a very broad but slept on music scene, art murals, and several other creative outlets showcase Kansas City as a whole, but make no mistake, either side of I-70, East or West, you're not going to be safe. Rappers like Ovadose913, Dilema, T.K. AKA The Kid, Fonzo the finesse fatha, Payne KC, and many more showcase life in Crimedotte county.

We are Gates Sauce, and K stocks. Wildcats, and Jayhawks.
Crimedotte County Afkansistan

"Bro bro! I know you're not from here, but you need to lock your car door in Crimedotte County, Afkansistan at all times. Somebody will car jack you at the drivethrough, while you're waiting on your food. Take your car to a chop shop, and walk away with a cool 5-10 grand in 2 hours. "Pinky rings, and K things. With the fonk, and for you boosie ass flunkies, who love to stay jeffin, like I ain't shutting down a major huss on sight, you can get ya noodles knocked out, cookies juuged, and if you got that Dorothy for the low low, hit up a gritter, and let's flip pancakes like IHOP."
by T.K. AKA The Kid May 06, 2018
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