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You want a homie like craig/tweek to love and care about you, love you, have a daughter Guinea pig named stripe with you, cuddle you while watching red racer/Terrence and Philip, hold your hand not giving two shits what anyone says (this is mainly creeks fanon side but also sometimes its canon side) this sexuality is hardly sexual but has alot of "sexual tension" this is just a very adorable wholesome sexuality where in the end you just want to feel like they are your craig/tweek. No matter how canon/fanon the relationship with you and them and craig and tweek. they are YOUR craig/tweek and YOU are their craig/tweek no matter what their gender may be girl, boy, nonbinary ect. You just wanna be loved like how craig and tweek love each other and thats beautiful
Hey whats your sexuality?
I just wanna be the craig to someones tweek
Well then your creeksexual!
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by Twig.the.tweek.kinnie August 01, 2020
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