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A small bedroom town outside of Raliegh, North Carolina. It is a great place to be from, the keyword being from. Half the population has lived there for generations, the other half moved from elsewhere. The half that's lived there for generations are degenerate rednecks that spend their time cruising the Food Lion parking Lot in wanna be ricer cars. The other half, the intelligent portion, go to Raliegh for entertainment and work, they simply sleep in Creedmoor. It is still a relatively quiet town, with overpopulated schools, but beware the "Pink Shirt Gang" and "White Shirt Gang" which allegedly cause trouble in the community and schools.

Many of the students within the schools who are second+ generation students (the degenerate rednecks) are racist and hate black people but prefer to listen to rap, and where urban apparel. Many of the black students are either poser thugs, or black rednecks. There is a minimal hispanic population, most of which is illegal and works in the Tobacco fields.
They're all a bunch of Creedmoor -ons.
by Johnny Bravo April 25, 2005
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A racists who posts on the internet to explore his/her misguided creativity, linking the word or term "black" or "Nigger" with other dictionary words in a feeble attempt at brevity. Creedmoors idolize a cult-like German philosophy put to rest in World War II. But due to genetic defect clings to the idea of dominating other races and stronger personalities via verbal flamewar. Can be confused with the derogatory term skinhead but has too much self-loathing to participate in group activities.

His/Her credo is moored in place by personal fears of acceptence, hence the linkword: Creedmoor.
Poster A: "heh, I just posted the term Niggerace. I'm so witty!"

Poster B: "Weak dude... weak. I bet you posted something about a Hitler moustache being cool too.

Poster A: "(long pause)... NO!"

Poster B: "(sigh) ...Creedmoor."
by MNateM February 24, 2008
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A state of mind. A lovely facility in New York where one can go and blissfully rock back and forth in your own feces.
"I need to be sentenced to a month in the klink at Creedmoor for a mental tune-up."
by Creedmoor October 11, 2004
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