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A coded phrase used to let a friend know that they their butt crack is clearly defined by the garment they are wearing on their ass (e.g. pants, skirt, bathing suit, etc.), without letting others know the message. The association being that a wedgie resembles a card swiping machine that one would use to pay with a credit or debit card.
As Gabrielle stepped out of the pool, I noticed she had a severe wedgie. So to save my friend any embarrassment, I quickly yelled " Hey Gabrielle, credit or debit?" whereas she responded with a quick picking of the wedge.
by Bubbatoon September 04, 2011
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before completing a credit or debit, you must ask credit or debit sir/ma'am, slide ones hand through the center crack of another individuals ass crack.
yesterday i was asked credit or debit, and i answered debit innocently and unsuspectingly got a credit or debit then a hand swiped up my ass crack. then screamed, "I like it rough".
by bummyland November 12, 2011
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A question asked by a friend or passerby when someone gets accidently hit between the legs with a skateboard.

Credit: Hit up the ass
Debit: Hit in the balls
When that skater got hit I asked:
"Credit or debit?"
"Credit card" he answered.

I got credit carded yesterday. Now my ass hurts
by - sk8er April 14, 2009
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